Persona 4 novelisation discovered

Persona 4 is slowly, but surely, taking over the entire world, with a novel series announced as a spin-off to the PS2 game. Since the game’s original launch, we’ve seen the game inspiring both anime and manga, a fighting game, and there’s even a new (portable) remake in the works.

But all excitement today is focussed on the new literary venture – Persona 4 x Detective Naoto – set a year after the events of the original game.

[img_big]center,8927,2012-02-22/p4a_screens_06.jpg,Persona 4[/img_big]

Naoto Shirogane is the only member of the original Investigation Team who has in-the-field detective experience. A bunch of mysterious disappearances have all hit a new school in a new town, and it’s up to Naoto to investigate.

…unfortunately, that’s about all that we know at this stage, but if you’re a Persona 4 fan, Persona 4 x Detective Naoto sounds like something to keep an eye out for.

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