Sega hints at Yakuza 5 reveal next week

Like most games publishers, Sega is in the process of organising itself for E3. Unlike most games publishers, Sega has decided to make its big announcements before the show, rather than hijacking a major media conference or accidentally letting details drop.

And so, with that in mind, we look at the official Yakuza website, which currently features a street construction scene and a new video, which looks at the series all the way up to Yakuza 4, before finishing with a cliff-hanger “And then…”

Yakuza - Street scene

What could this mean?

The billboard video also suggests a “First look” at what comes next will happen on May 24th (next Thursday!).

All signs are pointing towards the long-awaited reveal for Yakuza 5, which was technically announced a few months back, but in name only.

According to Andriasang, May 24th also happens to be the date the next Japanese Famitsu magazine hits shelves… you know, Famitsu which is traditionally home to the big Yakuza reveals? The plot thickens!

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