Moshi Monsters sequel in the works

It might be a title flying under the radars of most “hardcore” grown-up gamers, but for the younger ones amongst us, Moshi Monsters is a bit of a big deal. Actually, it’s a huge deal, sitting at the top of the best-selling DS game lists for 18 consecutive weeks, recently surpassing Nintendo‘s Brain Training as the longest chart-topping game for the platform, ever.

Moshi Monsters Wall Print

Moshi Monsters

So, really, it should come as no surprise that Moshi Monsters: Moshling Zoo is getting a sequel.

Developer Mind Candy says it is working on a “new take” on the franchise, which is slated for later this year.

Mind Candy marketing manager Andrew Matjaszek explains the intention of this new game is to “increase the brand experience” in a number of ways.

We focus on the key characters in a similar way to Moshling Zoo. However, players will once again experience new locations, new characters and loads of new games to enjoy.

…if you’re a fan (or know someone who is), you might not be stuck to your nearly-outdated Nintendo handheld for too long: Matjaszek revealed to MCV that the studio is currently exploring the option of expanding the franchise to new consoles.

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