11 Respawn Entertainment an E3 no-show

We still don’t know what’s in the works over at Respawn Entertainment (the development studio which rose from the ashes of the Fall of Duty scandal), but we do know that we won’t be seeing it at E3.

Apparently, you may run into West, Zampella or other members of the Respawn team on the show floor (as I did, physically, last year – sorry about your toes!), but they won’t be publicly showing off anything in particular. That is, beyond this one blurry screenshot that they prepared earlier:

Respawn Entertainment

Do not adjust your set.

The game is as-yet unnamed, undated, undetailed and almost completely unknown. It is an EA Partners release, and there’s a team of ex-Infinity Ward developers working on it, but – seriously – that’s about all we know.

Sticking true to their party line, Respawn would not comment on whether or not the studio would appear at the other gaming events scheduled for the next few months, so we’re still kept in the dark about just what’s going on in California.

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