Diablo III: Error 37 brings down Lord of Terror

Well, Diablo III has been in the wild for a full 24 hours now, and Blizzard is only now starting to recover from bringing the entire internet to a screaming, violent halt yesterday at midnight Pacific.

Apparently, when you have more than 2 million pre-orders (Diablo III is officially Amazon‘s most pre-ordered game ever, by the way), it’s understandable that many of them may want to get online and play the game immediately – and Blizzard‘s hardware just wasn’t able to cut it, promptly falling over as soon as the game went live.

Blizzard CEO and cofounder Mike Morhaime’s glowing launch presentation rings a little hollow now, following the events which took place:

This launch is a culmination of many years of hard work by our development team, and many years of passionate, dedicated support from gamers around the world. We’re grateful for the enthusiasm of our players, and for the help of our beta testers in getting the game ready for release.

Now that Diablo III is live, we hope everyone’s ready to have a hellishly good time slaying demons and collecting loot in Sanctuary.

The failure to launch was so comprehensive that, for a while, there were three Diablo III error codes in the trending topics on Twitter, with #error37 the most prevalent.

Traditionally with this situation, when a game’s servers don’t cope well with initial strain, fans simply load up the single-player mode to slog through that until demand lessens.

The problem with Diablo III? Even the single-player requires a connection to the Blizzard Battle.net servers, so that wasn’t an option either.

[img_big]center,74,2012-05-15/Wiz_male_SpiderCave_034.jpg,Diablo III[/img_big]

Apparently, after nearly a full day of trouble, Blizzard‘s engineers have gotten on top of the problem with all three server regions back online. How long they remain is a different question.

If you’d still like to check out what all the fuss is about, head to the game’s official website and grab a digital copy. From all reports, once you’re actually able to play, it’s been worth the (12 year!) wait.

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