Flat Earth Games lets brothers explore the 90s

Brothers Rohan and Leigh Harris have been playing games their whole lives, growing up to work in the industry for a combined 14 years. Now the pair are looking to the other side, announcing their own development studio: Flat Earth Games.

Flat Earth Games

...you may fall off the edge.

While specific projects have not been announced, Rohan’s preferences are clear. The indie film-maker, author and games journalist explains:

We grew up on games like Civilization, Transport Tycoon and Lightspeed. These things have always held a special place in our hearts and we’ve been hard at work on resurrecting the core concepts which drive them to share the things we love with a new generation.

The brothers are looking to “bring back the 90s” with their debut game, currently in the works for iOS and PC. In order to do this properly, Flat Earth Games is working with fellow Sydney-siders Epiphany Games, creators of PC RTS Frozen Hearth.

Morgan Lean is CEO of Epiphany, and he claims the studio “loved” the idea Flat Earth presented:

Once we heard the concept, we knew we had to get involved, so we’ll be providing Flat Earth Games with the expertise and time of our veteran iOS developers in-house and making sure the title is as great as it can be.

Leigh Harris, ex-PR for Rockstar Games in Australia, now Editor of MCV Pacific, explains the team aims to take old-school elements of exploration and creation and blend them with modern accessibility and functionality.

Due out later this year, we’re promised more information about Flat Earth Games‘ first title “very soon”.

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