MotoHeroz celebrates iOS update by going free

Like Trials Evolution? Wish you could play it on your phone? While the game itself hasn’t quite made it to handhelds just yet, Ubisoft and RedLynx are offering the next best thing: MotoHeroz.


It’s been described as “a close cousin”, “a sister”, and various other things indicating a familial closeness to the console game that took the world by storm when it launched as part of the Arcade Next promotion last month.

…and while the game itself has been in the App Store for a while, you can now pick it up without paying a cent.

A shiny new MotoHeroz update has arrived, and to celebrate, RedLynx have made the whole game completely free. The update introduces two new level packs to the game (both bringing their own new vehicles), plus support for three simultaneous online friend leagues.

Be warned – this one is not your average casual game. It’s more than a little challenging, to the point where some gamers will throw their phones down in disgust. Others will appreciate the challenge and the difficult nature, and the OCD among you will love playing levels over and over (and over) again to get the perfect run.

We’re not sure just how long the game will be free – but if you move now, you’ll be able to grab a copy of MotoHeroz for absolutely no cost on either iPhone or iPad, depending on your gadget preference.

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