Inafune's Vita creation detailed: Soul Sacrifice

Keiji Inafune left Capcom back in 2010, and nobody’s been quite sure what he’d get up to next. Now, we know: He’s working on a demonic collaboration for Vita, with Sony Studio Japan and Marvelous. The game is called Soul Sacrifice, and is most definitely not one for kids.

Japanese magazine Famitsu made the big reveal, explaining that the game is set inside a book – but the book is actually a demon.

You are a wizard, a slave to a cruel magician. As you travel through the pages of the book on your quest to escape, you will be forced to live out the experiences and battles of each chapter. And while you do have some special skills, in order to cast spells, you’ll need to sacrifice some items. For the basics, you can exchange items you pick up around the place – but if you want to get any more serious, you’ll have to start working out which bodyparts you are least attached to.

In the video above, you’ll see the player character reaching into himself to pull out his spine in order to cast Excalibur. (Don’t expect to survive that one – and don’t try this at home!)

Other spells include covering your body with bones, or turning your eyes into frickin’ lasers.

Soul Sacrifice

Soul Sacrifice

Slated for release this winter, the news is Japan-only at this stage, but – unlike many Japanese developers, Inafune will likely insist on a western release for Soul Sacrifice in the not-so-distant future. Despite the date, we’re not expecting to see this one at E3… stranger things have happened, though, and we do know that Sony is planning a big Vita presence, so keep your eyes peeled!

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