Steam Wallet pre-paid cards hit stores

Gamers: The day has come. Steam pre-paid cards are now available at retail, meaning you don’t need to use a credit card or any form of internet banking to access the million billion games on offer.

Available right now from GameStop stores across the U.S., the Steam Wallet cards come in US$20 and US$50 denominations, giving gamers easy access to more than 1,800 digitally downloadable titles.

Steam Wallet cards now available at GameStop

An artist's impression of the cards

Steve Nix, GM of Digital Distribution at GameStop, explains:

We are thrilled to be partnering with Valve on this new initiative. This gives even more options to customers now that they can put money in their Steam Wallet using cash, gift cards or trade credits through our convenient neighborhood locations.

Valve is also pleased with the arrangement, as Director of Business Development Jason Holtman explains:

Gamestop is the most recognized game retailer in the world and a leader in providing a state-of-the-art shopping experience for its customers. Offering Steam Wallet codes at GameStop extends more options and convenience to gamers around to the world.

At this stage, it has not been revealed whether the Steam Wallet cards will be released in other territories. GameStop is the first retailer to sell the cards, but not the first real-world outlet to offer Steam support: In Russia, you can currently add rubles to your account via special vending machines.

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