Battle Chess: Bringin' the Queen back

Battle Chess. Even the name evokes a certain imagery, a certain feel, full of knights and bishops and pawns beating the living daylights out of each other. And if you played the original 1988 smash hit game for PC, you’ll also have the mental image of two queens engaging in a slap-fight, mid-board.

If you didn’t play the original game, you may be about to receive a second chance, with Subdued Software announcing plans to bring the game back – and how else, but via Kickstarter.

So many of today’s gamers simply want the games of yesteryear re-released with a graphical upgrade and no other major changes. That’s exactly what the ten-man team at Subdued is aiming for – but there are plans for one new inclusion: Online multiplayer.

Pledging just US$15 will earn you a digital, downloadable copy of the game, with t-shirts, art books and credits available at higher tiers. More than US$1,000 will earn you a ticket to the Battle Chess launch party at Medieval Times in California!

Subdued Software's Battle Chess remake/sequel

Subdued Software's Battle Chess remake/sequel

The fully-licensed project is the official sequel to the 1988 release, headed to PC and iOS. Unfortunately, with a target of US$100,000 and just 19 days to reach it, Subdued may have a good fight on its hands.

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