FortressCraft dev blames Minecraft fans for attack

FortressCraft creator Adam Sawkins claims he has been targeted immediately following the release of Minecraft on Xbox 360. He doesn’t believe it’s a mere coincidence that his site suffered a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack on the same day as Minecraft launched on its new platform.


FortressCraft has been a fixture in the Xbox Live Indie Game marketplace for a couple of years now, despite many people pointing out the obvious similarities between the game and Mojang‘s then-PC-only blocky world-builder. Rejecting the “clone” label, Sawkins fought for his game, seeing FortressCraft climbing all the way to the top of the XBLIG sales charts, where it has only recently been overtaken in terms of total lifetime sales.

While it seemed the negative attention had faded, it seems there’s still an undercurrent which isn’t terribly pleased with Sawkins’ perceived rip off. At the same time as Minecraft was bringing in record numbers on Xbox 360, the official FortressCraft website quickly became overloaded with traffic – to the point where it remained offline for several hours.

Sawkins took to Twitter where he politely implied that, perhaps, the attack had been planned by the Minecraft community. He also pointed out that his ISP had contacted the police – as the site being affected belongs to a business, there is a potential loss of earnings and the British police take such things very seriously.

In other news, Sawkins has revealed that he’s not a huge fan of the console adaptation of Minecraft, slagging off co-developer 4J Studios for creating a “pisspoor” port of one of the world’s most popular games.

4J [Studios] had no budget restrictions, unfettered access to Microsoft, and a solid, world-class game as a template, and still managed to ship a game with a tiny world, no working skins, and no dedicated servers – and even that was a port of a 14 month old snapshot of the MC source base.

Both FortressCraft and Minecraft are currently available on Xbox Live for your perusal – which one will you choose?

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