EA hints at social, casual SimCity to hit Facebook

Following the success of The Sims Social, which catapulted its way to the top of the Facebook casual games charts last year, EA has dropped a few hints that SimCity could be next in line for the social treatment.

The Sims Social

The Sims Social

Chatting on Tuesday to U.S. tv show Mad Money, EA CEO John Riccitiello explained that a big social game would be arriving on Facebook, “a month from today”. Either he means June 8th, or June 5th if you count in weeks rather than calendar months. Whichever is the correct option, it’s set to send shockwaves through the industry during E3 week – not terribly surprising timing, is it?

(For those playing at home, EA‘s big pre-E3 press event is on June 4th, so keep an ear out for big announcements!)

Sims fansite Sims VIP wasn’t content with the hypotheticals, and started a little diggin’. It didn’t take much creativity to look for SimCitySocial, SimCity-Social and SimCityFacebook – all domains registered to Electronic Arts.

Then, there’s the semi-existence of facebook.com/SimCitySocial, which currently redirects to the homepage but does not return a file-not-found error, meaning that there’s something there that’s not public just yet.

There are also snippets of code relating to a “SimCity Social Facebook App” revealed by EA studio Playfish… so this one’s looking like something we can lock in for E3.

City-building games have traditionally worked exceptionally well on the Facebook/casual gaming platform, so this one could well offer a little more than just a gap-filler before the real SimCity launches next year.

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