Alan Wake's American Nightmare pops up on PC

Short, sweet and to the point: Alan Wake’s American Nightmare is headed to PC by the end of May.

Remedy has confirmed that the game will be arriving on Windows PC – complete with enhanced features and new high-res graphics – on May 22nd.

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare is a standalone spin-off release based on Remedy‘s spooky original title. This time around, the game features a “thrilling pulp action story mode”, plus a new arcade option: Fight Till Dawn.

If you haven’t yet picked this one up on console, you’re in for a treat: The single player campaign is set in the Twilight Zone-inspired Night Springs – an exaggerated, gritty interpretation of a real world. We’re constantly reminded that “horrors have the all-too easy habit of coming true”, and as Alan Wake becomes stuck in this nightmare world, he must hunt down Mr Scratch – his evil double – to find out the answers.

[img_big]center,8714,2012-02-06/TheGiant.png,Alan Wake’s American Nightmare[/img_big]

Armed again with his trusty flashlight, it’s Wake’s task to unravel the secrets, control reality itself and – most importantly – survive his American Nightmare.

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