Diablo III Wrath animated short is a must-see

You may be familiar with the work of Titmouse, Inc, the animation studio behind Metalocalypse. You may also be familiar with the work of Blizzard Entertainment, the development team behind Diablo III, which is due to launch next week.

What you may not be familiar with is the work that these two companies have done together, combined with renowned director Peter Chung (creator of Æon Flux). The final reveal from the Diablo III Darkness Falls. Heroes Rise. website is Wrath, an animated short set long before the creation of Sanctuary.

…but wait, there’s more!

If you want to know just how these three iconic artists came together, Blizzard have also provided a handy behind-the-scenes video, featuring Blizzard‘s Chris Metzen, Nick Carpenter and James Waugh, Chris Prynoski from Titmouse and Peter Chung himself.

The team discuss how the project is, effectively, “Diablo through the eyes of Peter Chung” – and eloquently state all of the reasons why that is a super-exciting thing.

This is the sort of video that inspires generations of animators, artists and developers. Drawing on the rich Diablo lore created by Blizzard, wrapped in storytelling that could only come from Peter Chung, and surrounded by animation from one of the best upcoming studios in Los Angeles, Wrath is a must-see.

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