Control Division: Gaming apparel enters beta

All too frequently, “video game clothing” translates to a cheap logo slapped onto an XL black t-shirt (we’ve all got wardrobes full, don’t deny it). Happily, a new breed of designers are emerging, with NZ/Australian company Control Division becoming a name to watch out for.

[img_big]center,9391,2012-05-06/cntrl_div_beach_2.jpg,Control Division[/img_big]

Today marks the launch of the company’s “beta” collection – an initial range of apparel exclusively available through its official website. Expect high-quality fabrics (in a range of colours and sizes), and designs that have been created by people who actually play games.

Control Division chairman Richard Neal explains:

The explosive growth of video-game culture has created a platform to launch Control Division’s new fashion brand into worldwide markets. Control Division will provide gamers with stylish, quality clothing suitable to wear at home, down the street or to the club.

We have been watching the space and planning the launch for quite a while. We’ve built a culture in our brand that only comes from working with guys who know the industry.

…those guys? Game developers with 15 years experience, like Mario Wynands and Tyrone McAuley from Shatter developer Sidhe and PikPok. Then there’s game reviewer Ren Finlayson, and 20-year Quiksilver surf wear veteran Clive Fitts.

[img_three]9391,2012-05-06/cntrl_div_street_3.jpg,2012-05-06/cntrl_div_arcade_2.jpg,2012-05-06/Cntrl_Div_hoody_2.jpg,(click to embiggen)[/img_three]

The beta collection includes warm-looking hoodies and track pants alongside t-shirts in a range of designs and colours (including orange, yellow, brown and bright blue as well as the unavoidable black). Logos are identifiably gaming related – Raccoon City Locksmiths, anyone? – but are subtle enough that you could wear them around your grandparents.

If this is a limited range to kick things off, we think Control Division has made a good start (if a little on the pricey side) – now we’re just hanging out to see some decent gaming shirts created for girls – and we don’t just mean the same designs printed in pink!

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