Sword + Sworcery announces tribute A/V Jam

It seems Sword and Sworcery is an inspiration to many, with fans creating tribute artwork drawing on ideas presented within the game – its art style, its storyline and even its music.

Now, the developers behind the title – Capybara and Superbrothers – are putting together a little virtual exhibition to show off the work created by other people.

“Depths of Mingi Taw” - painting by Qiqo at Capy

“Depths of Mingi Taw” - painting by Qiqo at Capy

Heeyyyyyy so do you have an idea for a painting (or sculpture, costume, soundscape, animation or DIY videogame) ‘in the key of #sworcery’? Would you like to mess around with a remix of one of Jim Guthrie’s #sworcery songs?

If so then AWESOME.

Far from being a stale, static project, the exhibition takes the form of an “A/V Jam” – Capybara, Superbrothers and composer Jim Guthrie will provide “structure and motivation”, plus an assortment of material (including official artwork, sound effects and song stems). You can grab what you need now, and then over the weekend of May 11-13, you’re invited to play and create.

  • BRIEF: create artwork, sounds & whatever else in the key of #sworcery
  • EVENT: jam alongside Superbrothers, Capy & Jim Guthrie on Friday, May 11th – 13th
  • DEADLINE: submit before the end of Sunday, May 13th 2012 & we’ll make some noise

Sound like your sort of thing? Head to the official website to catch up with all the details – and keep an eye open (two, if you can spare ’em).

…meanwhile, if you’re the sort of person who prefers to watch, all of the exhibits will be displayed on sworcery.tumblr.com for you to gaze at.

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