The Secret War: 50 million agent deployments

Are you part of The Secret War yet? If you are, you’re fighting alongside (or against) more than 200,000 agents, all trying to help their secret society to gain control of the entire world.

The Facebook game was developed to promote Funcom‘s upcoming MMO, The Secret World, but has proven even more popular than the developer anticipated.

The Secret War

Which one are you?

Funcom SVP of Sales & Marketing Morten Larssen explains:

The success of ‘The Secret War’ shows that the conflict between the world’s secret societies has universal appeal. This conflict has always been a key driver for activity in our own community, and we are excited to see that more and more people are coming in to join the conflict from outside the community as well. The conflict between the three secret societies adds a whole new dimension to MMO gameplay and we are excited to be able to have gamers take part in that conflict even before the launch of ‘The Secret World’.

Realistically, The Secret World doesn’t need much more hype – it’s already topping many gamers’ “most anticipated” lists, with fans biting their nails waiting for the June 19th release date.

The concept is a simple one – pick a faction: Illuminati, Dragon or Templar – and spread your influence throughout your friends, using real people as in-game agents across a world map.

There are added bonuses – items can be unlocked in War to use in World, meaning social gamers will start their new adventures with extra clothing, weapons, elixirs and even exclusive in-game titles. (There’s also the super dangling carrot that is a trip to the Funcom studios!)

Here’s a few stats about The Secret War, now two weeks old:

  • Over 200,000 gamers have registered and become participants in the war
  • The experience has had over 1.2 million visits in total
  • Each participant spends 20 minutes on average playing at each visit
  • Over 50 million agents have been deployed by the 200,000 participants

The game launched on April 18th, and has already undergone significant changes – including a handful of new strategic layers. Rather than rushing blindly towards a distant end-game, participants are now encouraged to work towards a common goal, which changes each week. The society that performs the best will win prizes to use inside The Secret World.

This week, it’s the Heart of Africa health-boosting talisman – a pretty tempting bonus for just a few clicks on a website you’d likely visit anyway… What are you waiting for?

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