Company of Heroes 2 heads to the Ost Front

Looks like THQ will be keeping plenty busy despite any lack of E3 commitments. A leaked edition of UK magazine PC Gamer has apparently outed an upcoming release: The eagerly-anticipated Company of Heroes 2.

While fans across the world are thrilled by the news that RTS veterans Relic are back on the developer bus, and the sequel promises to take gamers to the eastern front of WWII, we’re guessing THQ may have wanted to make the big reveal itself.

[img_big]center,1284,2012-05-04/4Leipzig_04.jpg,The original Company of Heroes[/img_big]

The magazine explains that Company of Heroes 2 is set in the Eastern theater of the second World War – Moscow, Kursk, Rostov, Smolensk and Stalingrad have all been mentioned. These locations were apparently home to “13 of the 15 bloodiest battles” of the war, so gamers are in for a bumpy ride.

In addition to all the usual sequel upgrades you might expect, CoH 2 also promises all-new ways of interacting with the environment – from procedurally-spread snow to flamethrowers that can be used to set buildings alight. The fog of war makes a welcome return, and this time it’ll be affected by smoke grenades and other environmental effects.

The development team explains that while its most recent sequel, Dawn of War 2 is an “amazing game”, there were elements that didn’t quite fit the franchise – something they’re hoping to avoid with this new game.

Designer Matthew Berger explains:

Dawn of war 2 was a very big departure, which was to bring newer players in. When we started looking at going to Company of Heroes 2, that kind of departure did come up. We were really clear that we wanted to maintain the core game, and that was a decision we made and that was in part because of Dawn of War 2.

Lead designer Quinn Duffy agrees:

We tried a number of things. In part, it was ‘How far can we push it before we lose the essence of what Company of Heroes was?’ And we just had an innate sense that things got out the comfort zone of what the game should be, so we started to narrow in.

There’s still no official word on Company of Heroes 2 from either Relic or THQ, but with that rather large trade show there on the horizon – and this edition of PC Gamer due out next month – we’re guessing we won’t be left hanging for too long.

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