Draw Something player numbers plummet

It seems a little of the shine has come off of OMGPOP‘s mobile casual game smash, Draw Something. Just a month after the studio was bought out by games giant Zynga, player numbers have plummeted by almost five million daily users.

While developer OMGPOP has been around for years, the recent buy-out was prompted by the runaway success of this year’s artistic social game. Could Zynga have snapped the company up too soon, or is this drop in numbers just par for the course?

Joker in Draw Something by elroyonline

"Joker" by @elroyonline

April saw the game enjoy a huge spike in players over the month, but as we move into May, things are starting to even out a little, rapidly declining in some areas.

For the month between 2 April and 2 May, the daily active user count dropped by nearly a third – from 14.3 million people to just 10.4.

After a meteoric rise to success which saw more than 50 million downloads of the game in just 50 days, a decline was anticipated. However it seems that this one has potentially hit a little harder than expected – with even the super-casual “once a month” users also in steady decline.

The numbers are not accurate representations of precise user figures – rather, they show how many gamers are signing in to Draw Something using their Facebook account. This is not compulsory, but many gamers choose to opt-in to the system, which makes finding partners a simple affair.

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