Original Deus Ex prepares for release on PS3

While you can already play the original Deus Ex on your PC, console gamers have been left in the dark – but a new rating from PEGI suggests this may all be about to change.

The rating suggests that the classic title from Eidos (first published in 2000) is shaping up for a re-release, most likely as a downloadable PS2 classic. Unfortunately, we’re not expecting anything more shiny – but an HD revamp of the game to better suit the next-gen console would be a nice touch.

[img_big]center,1629,2010-11-17/DXPS2shot0516.jpg,Deus Ex[/img_big]

Deus Ex has been rated suitable for gamers 16 years and over, thanks to “realistic looking violence”. In comparison, last year’s Deus Ex: Human Revolution was granted an 18+ sticker, thanks to “extreme violence”, “strong language” and ticking the box relating to “multiple, motiveless killing”.

PEGI rating for Deus Ex

PEGI rating for Deus Ex

No word on a release date, no comment from the publishers, and no mention of whether or not this will hit virtual shelves outside of Europe. We’ve got our fingers crossed for more information on all of the above, of course.

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