Aussie school uses games to win kids over

A South Australian high school is using video games as part of the curriculum, in an attempt to get students more interested in their studies.

A new subject – PC Gaming – has been introduced to Thebarton Senior College by teacher Matt Paxton. He explains that students in 11th Grade will be able to earn credits towards graduation in the fields of media studies and English as well as maths.

[img_big]center,7251,2012-03-08/ME3_Launch_1.jpg,Mass Effect 3[/img_big]

Mr. Paxton says he designed the course with students’ specific needs in mind:

It is used for disengaged students who may have not enjoyed school or for those students who want to study something they love.

They will look at the themes within a game, characters and plot or maybe the way women or violence are portrayed.

Recent research has shown that 70% of Australian parents consider games to be an educational tool, according to Digital Australia, so the school’s decision is not a surprising one. That said, it’s not a move that’s been widely accepted, with local parents scoffing at the idea. Mr. Paxton’s course has been criticised as being unable to “separate play from work”, while others complain students will not be able to impress employers with an “A grade in Computer Games”.

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