God of War: Ascension has 8-person multiplayer

So, today Sony Computer Entertainment confirmed what we already knew: God of War: Ascension is indeed a prequel, telling the story of Kratos’ emotional path. However, the publisher also revealed a little something we didn’t know: Multiplayer.

For years now, God of War has been a solitary journey, the player mirroring Kratos as he struggles to break free from Ares’ bond. We’ve lived through epic scenes, cinematic storytelling, blockbuster moments and (of course) those visceral battles – and next time around, you can bring a friend.

Todd Papy, Game Director on God of War: Ascension explains:

The bar is set quite high for this franchise as each God of War title succeeds in being better than the last.

But, unlike previous releases, we’re providing a deeper look into Kratos’ tormented past and psyche that fans have not seen before. Combined with refined gameplay, jaw-dropping visuals, and a fresh twist on competitive gaming with our new online multiplayer mode, I guarantee that God of War: Ascension will give fans what they have been eagerly waiting for, and much more.

Multiplayer – online or offline, and up to eight players – is set to bring an all-new competitive experience to God of War – combining fierce combat with a unique gameplay experience.

Align yourself with one of the legendary Greek gods (pick Zeus, Ares, Poseidon or Hades), and battle it out in a variety of multiplayer modes. Win your god’s approval and unlock new customisation options, new armour and additional weaponry.

As well as all that, there’s a revamped combat system, a bunch of mini-games (without prompts!), new puzzle challenges and an assortment of fluid, life-like characters, world-changing scenarios and dynamic lighting.

No release window has been detailed as yet, but if you asked, we’d put our money on checking this one out at E3, with a bunch more details.

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