Awesomenauts to release despite publisher woes

Get set to get your Awesome on – Awesomenauts is heading to North America via PSN on May 1st and XBLA on May 2nd. That’s today and tomorrow!

The news comes even after publisher dtp Entertainment filed for insolvency, which plunged all of its in-development games into limbo.

Happily for gamers – and of course for developer Romino Games – it looks like Awesomenauts has escaped certain death, with the game arriving as scheduled.

Even better news: It’s arrived as a bonus for PlayStation Plus subscribers, who will get the game completely free!

At this stage, dtp‘s future remains uncertain – the company must either reorganise or sell off all of its assets under German law. The publisher was behind Memento Mori, Divinity 2: Ego Draconis and Jane Jensen’s recent release Gray Matter.

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