Dishonored: New screens, new site

Dishonored was first announced quite a while ago, but it slipped well under the radar right up until this killer trailer arrived a couple of weeks ago.

Now, while we don’t have any more moving pictures to share, we do have a selection of brand new screenshots from the folks at Bethesda and Arkane Studios – and it looks like they haven’t been slacking off in the creativity department.


To refresh your memory: Dishonored takes a slightly different approach to the period drama: You are bodyguard to the Empress… at least, you were, before she was murdered. Now, of course, you’re an outcast, looking for revenge.

All sounds pretty standard until you throw in a good handful of supernatural powers, weaponry and unusual gadgets, not to mention that intriguing mask you seem to be wearing to do the deadly deeds.

[img_three]8351,2012-04-30/Tallboys_In_Flooded_District.jpg,2012-04-30/GoldenCat_Sniping.jpg,2012-04-30/Hamam.jpg,(Click to embiggen)[/img_three]

The game features a new, flexible combat system which allows you to introduce an element of creativity when dispatching your targets, whether you choose to pursue them under the cover of darkness or to rush out, all weapons blazing. The outcome of the mission – and, potentially, the game, depends on the choices you make, so think quick!

While on the topic of Dishonored, you may be well advised to visit – it’ll give you a little insight into the mask, as well as what else is in store.

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