Call of Duty to grace Aussie TVs Wednesday night

While big televised game reveals might be common place in the United States, they’ve been slow to catch on in other parts of the world – so it’s a big deal that Activision has splashed out, booking a little airtime to show off its latest baby.

Call of Duty - May 1 reveal

Mmm, shadowy.

Tune into Channel 9 on Wednesday night at 9:45pm local time (right in the middle of another episode of The Big Bang Theory) to see the Australian reveal of the next Call of Duty release. While nothing’s been 100% confirmed, this will most likely be our first proper look at Black Ops 2, so it should be pretty interesting.

With US retailers leaking images featuring that title alongside a November 13th release date, plus a number of other online clues, there probably aren’t too many big surprises in store for the reveal, but hopefully the television event will provide us with a little in-game footage, so it won’t be a complete bust.

Thanks to MCV Pacific for checkin’ the calendar!

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