Behind the scenes at live-action Sleeping Dogs

Sleeping Dogs made quite the splash when it arrived on the radar earlier this year, and the live-action announcement trailer made sure people kept an eye out for this Hong Kong action extravaganza from Square Enix.

The trailer itself was an interesting choice – featuring absolutely no in-game footage, it was our re-introduction to the game after Activision scrapped the True Crime project early last year.

And while behind-the-scenes developer diaries are all over the place, today we’ve got something a little (appropriately) different – a behind-the-scenes video from Goldtooth Creative, the team who shot the live-action Sleeping Dogs trailer.

The team worked closely with developer United Front Games, to make sure the end product had exactly the right feel and look. At this stage, we’re thinking they got pretty close!

Sleeping Dogs is slated for release in August – if you want to know a little more, check out Josh’s preview, and stay tuned.

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