Write Castle Crashers fan fiction, win cool stuff!

Castle Crashers developer The Behemoth would like you to run away with its characters. The company is hosting a fan fiction competition, and calling for all aspiring writers (and professional scribes) to write up a short story for a chance to win “cool stuff”.

Specifically: Pick two of the five castle crashers (Green, Red, Blue, Orange, Grey or Pink), and create a short back-story for them. We keep emphasising “short” – the rules state each tale may only be 450-550 words in length, “No more and no less”.

[img_big]center,1055,2010-11-17/CastleCrashers_screenshot13.jpg,What’s going on here?[/img_big]

You may write in any style you want – but The Behemoth is not your editor, so make sure your story has been thoroughly checked for spelling and grammatical errors before submitting!

  • Entries must be 450-550 words in length. No more and no less.
  • You must e-mail your entries to games[at]thebehemoth[dot]com
  • The deadline to enter will be May 1st, 2012 at 5pm PST.
  • Up to 2 entries per person only. Anyone can enter!
  • Finalists will be selected that weekend and posted on The Behemoth Community Forums on May 8th.
  • Active forum members will get a week to vote for their favorite story.
  • Writing will be considered purely fictional and will not serve as an official story for those characters.
  • Winners will be announced by May 16th and prizes will be distributed shortly after.
  • Winners must be okay with us reblogging the story (linking it to Twitter, Facebook, Google+).

…so, what’s in it for you? A copy of Castle Crashers for XBLA or PSN, or – if you’d prefer – a BattleBlock Theater “Duck Shark” T-shirt, which is only otherwise available at trade shows.

Interested writers better get a wriggle on – the deadline for entries is this Tuesday!

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