Ubisoft prepares for Rayman Legends

Fans of last year’s Rayman Origins take note: Domain registrations suggest that Ubisoft is working on another title starring our legless hero. Both raymanlegends.com and rayman-legends.com have been registered, causing platformer fans to speculate wildly.

[img_big]center,8118,2011-11-24/RO_VITA_JUNGLE.jpg,Rayman Origins[/img_big]

If the name sounds a little familiar, this isn’t the first time we’ve heard about Rayman Legends. The title first came to light in a list of “Project Cafe” gatmes to be shown off at E3 2011. 12 months later, of course, we know that “Project Cafe” is the Wii U, but Rayman Legends is yet to appear.

Perhaps that’s all about to change, however, as gamers cross their fingers in hopes that the title will bring the franchise to Nintendo’s new console.

Adding fuel to that particular fire is in fact Ubisoft itself, which sent out a marketing survey earlier in the week. This survey, among other things, hinted at a sequel to Rayman Origins, suggesting that Rayman’s next outing might just be a little more mythical than last year’s. Something, shall we say, Legendary?

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