Conquer Online giving away free iPads

Normally, information about “how to win an iPad” is quickly filed away into the spam folder, but this one is different. Conquer Online is a long-running free-to-play online PC game which made the great leap to iOS in December 2011. The fully-featured Action RPG has already gained more than 200,000 fans, and spent a fair bit of time in Top 10 RPG categories around the world.

It’s now time for the game’s first expansion: Invasion of Pirates – which will introduce the explosive new Pirate class.

…but where do the free iPads come in? Well, publisher NetDragon has tucked an in-game iPad item somewhere inside the world of Conquer Online – and if you find it, you’ll be able to turn it in and receive the newest generation iPad for free!

So: What do you need? A copy of Conquer Online HD, which is available right now in the App Store, absolutely free. Then you’ll need the Invasion of Pirates expansion – which is also free! …then, step 3: Profit!

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