A first look at Double Fine's Adventure Game

The public’s first taste of Double Fine‘s crowdfunded Adventure project has arrived via a now-deleted video posted online.

The video was outed by David Ellis, a developer at Halo 4 studio 343 Industries, who asked Double Fine via Twitter, “What exactly is this?”

Double Fine bossman Tim Schafer jumped onto the case pretty quickly, reassuring Ellis that he must have imagined the whole thing. Somewhat predictably, the link Ellis posted now leads to a “Page not found”, which explains the untitled video had been deleted (just like Ellis’s tweet!).

Double Fine Adventure

Who is this little guy?

…since all that, though – dreams have come true! (Who’dathunk?) This little man is walking around inside an exclusive Backers-Only post on the Double Fine forums. Apparently – unfortunately – it seems he’s not a part of the game, but is just a character being used to test out potential art styles and lighting for the game.

Meanwhile, the post did reveal some good news: Brütal Legend art director Lee Petty is officially onboard on the project, which means that no matter who ends up in the final game, it’s going to look pretty special.

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