Cut the Rope: Om Nom gets his groove back

Last time we heard from Om Nom, Cut the Rope was headed to all sorts of fun marketing deals – but it seems the guys at Zeptolab haven’t forgotten about the game’s humble origins as an addictive, casual release.

Due out this week is a significant update for the game, complete with an additional 25 stages for Om Nom to explore and conquer. And while traditionally the game’s stuck to one sort of aesthetic, this new update brings a whole new groove.

[img_three]8879,2012-04-24/CutTheRope-dj-box.jpg,2012-04-24/CutTheRope-dj-box2.jpg,2012-04-24/CutTheRope-dj-box3.jpg,Cut the Rope: DJ Box[/img_three]

The DJ Box Update introduces a new puzzle mechanic – spinning records – which might look pretty simple by itself, but when you combine it with earlier mechanics like bubbles and portals, things start to get a little more complex.

Cut the Rope is set to be updated on April 26th, for iPhone, iPad, Android and even Mac OS.

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