Bejeweled 3 swaps its way to PlayStation Network

Match-3 fans, your days have come, with Bejeweled 3 finally making its way to the PlayStation Network, well after its arrival on other platforms.

Jeff Green, Director of Editorial and Social Media at publisher PopCap Games, anticipates your questions:

“How much different could they make a Match 3 game?” you may ask. “What do I do this time—Match 4?” “Do I really need to give those clowns more of my money just to swap more gems?”

I’m going to be perfectly honest with you: Yes, you do. I mean, “need” is such a relative word, when you think about it. I mean, sure, I suppose some of you “need” to pay the rent, or feed your family, rather than buy the new Bejeweled. Whatever. Frankly, the landlord can probably wait a few days, and I’m sure there are plenty of leftovers in your fridge if your family starts whining at you while clutching their swollen, distended stomachs. Meanwhile, those gems in Bejeweled 3 aren’t going to swap themselves, are they? No sir. No, they are not. I rest my case.

While that should, really, be enough to convince you, there are actually a few new bits and pieces in Bejeweled 3 that you’ll now be able to explore on your PS3.

[img_big]center,6791,2011-10-19/b96f1fae-3dc4-41bb-b9f8-eaf66cd28435.jpg,Bejeweled 3[/img_big]

Specifically: There’s eight gameplay modes, as described by Green:

  • Classic (regular Bejeweled, but now better-looking!)
  • Quest (kind of like an RPG, minus the characters, story, dialog, or combat, or anything else RPG-related. But there are 40 puzzles to solve!)
  • Zen (You can’t lose! Be happy! You are your own shiny gem!)
  • Lightning (a fast, time-based game kinda like Bejeweled Blitz)
  • Four more “secret modes” of play that you can unlock, but that I can’t spoil here even though you could totally Google it in like one minute!

…plus there are 12 new trophies and 20 badges to pick up.

The game itself hits the PlayStation Network on Tuesday in the US, so there should only be a few more hours to wait. Brace yourselves: Your productivity will plummet.

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