Ex-Call of Duty creative strategist opens studio

It’s not abnormal for a new company to cop a little flak when it’s first revealed, but the negativity surrounding the launch of Robotoki is pretty overwhelming.

We’ll put money on this particular company’s bossman being able to handle it though – he’s Robert Bowling, former creative strategist from the Call of Duty series.


...this is his new jam.

Bowling left Activision in late March, in a move which surprised the gaming community. Now, a month later, he’s resurfaced, at the head of an all-new development studio.

The announcement was made via an interview with Game Informer, where Bowling explained:

Robotoki is focused on being a developer development studio that just happens to make games. We are focused on our team first and everything else second, because I believe as an industry; we have a lot to learn on how to treat talent. While we continue to out stride film and music entertainment in other areas, we are falling severely behind in how to properly inspire and support our creative talent.

The company is “entirely self-funded”, says Bowling, and will only work with supportive partners – allowign creative vision holders to hold complete control over their work. Sounds like he learned a few lessons while at Activision

The first project to emerge from Robotoki is already underway, and it’s a big one. The unnamed title isn’t just sticking to the safer waters of mobile devices or PC only – intead, Bowling is jumping in with both feet, with the game pencilled in for PC, mobile devices and the elusive “next-gen consoles”.

As a developer, our focus is on creating a universe first, experiences second, and game mechanics last. With focus being on universe, we aim to create experiences that transcend platforms and genres and allow our players to connect to our world, their characters, and gameplay via any medium (console, PC, or mobile).

Bowling goes on to explain that each device will enjoy its own world – the mobile experience will not be the same as playing the game on PC or console.

Sound interesting? Robotoki has launched its bare-bones website, complete with email address suggesting the company is already hiring for this unnamed project.

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