Game Masters adds Warren Spector to the roster

Warren Spector – the man behind games as varied as Deus Ex and Disney Epic Mickey – is headed Down Under in June, where he’ll take part in the Game Masters exhibition to be held at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI).

A large enough drawcard by himself, ACMI has gone all out with its industry invitations, which sees Spector joined by Peter Molyneux OBE (Populous, Fable) and Tim Schafer (Psychonauts, Brutal Legend). Each of these Game Masters will take part in public programs, including education and industry incentives.

Australian gamers (and attendees from further afield) will be given the opportunity to hear Spector speak about his history in video games – giving fans an insight into the reasons behind some of the choices he’s made over the years.

Did you know that Spector’s University of Texas Masters thesis was on the history of Warner Bros. cartoons, and he had aspirations to become a film critic? Obviously, in the late 80s, everything changed, and twenty years later, he’s one of our most beloved, most creative gaming pioneers.

[img_big]center,1681,2010-11-17/14733Gremlin_village_02_f8488.jpg,Disney Epic Mickey[/img_big]

The Game Masters exhibition is not only about the works of these legends, however – ACMI will also showcase the work of local and international games designers, promising more than 125 playable games. These range from the latest console and mobile technology all the way back to the golden age of coin-operated arcades. Expect bits and pieces relating to Sonic, Mario, The Sims, Rock Band and The Legend of Zelda – as well as, of course, Epic Mickey himself.

Stay tuned, ACMI is organising opportunities for fans to hear from Spector – and the other Masters – we’re hoping to have dates for those soon. Make sure you act quick, however – tickets for these are not going to last long.

Game Masters at ACMI opens on June 28th, and runs all the way through to October 28, 2012.

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