Steam gives banned gamers their games back

Valve has made a subtle – but significant – change to the way it handles Steam troublemakers. As of a few months ago, even if you break all the rules, you’ll still be able to play the games you paid for.

Valve Software

He can see it's a good idea.

Originally, the situation was simple. Do something naughty, and Valve would wield the banhammer with great fury, locking you out of just about everything to do with your account.

Now though, while you’re still pretty seriously restricted in your activities, one major concession has been made. You won’t be able to activate new CD-keys, gift items, trade objects or buy new games on your Steam account, but you will be able to play games that you’ve already purchased.

Seems the company saw the error of its ways in locking gamers out of products they had already purchased. The new amendment will still effectively punish cheaters and no-goodniks, but won’t make them re-purchase games they may want to play offline or in single-player mode. If nothing else, it’s a nice way to avoid claims of trying to scam more money from unsuspecting gamers.

The news follows the recent admission that Origin has made a similar move. If you believe that you’ve been banned from Steam but want to play some of your purchased games, you’ll need to contact Steam support, for an agent to verify that you are indeed the owner of the account. Provide them with proof of purchase for the games on the list, and you’ll be on your way.

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