Funcom: Temporary ceasefire in The Secret War

This is why we can’t have nice things. Funcom has alerted its Facebook fans that – just one day after launch – the company has had to take The Secret War offline for retooling.

…and it seems that, believe it or not, you are to blame.

Due to significantly higher levels of recruitment and sharing than were originally expected, we have been asked by Facebook to make some adjustments and improvements. Don’t worry! It will be back up as soon as we are done with the changes. We’ll keep you updated as everything progresses.

Funcom would also like to point out that this situation is not a Templar plot to gain an advantage, and that Dragon is not in control of Facebook policies.

[img_big]center,6437,2011-03-10/tsw_gdc_2011_4.png,The Secret World[/img_big]

At last update, the Illuminati community was well out in front, with the world map roughly 75% blue, and the team already progressing their community unlockable to 3% within just a few hours.

The Secret War is a browser-based Facebook game released as part of promotions for Funcom‘s upcoming MMO The Secret World. Gamers are invited to pick a side, jump in, and start their plot for world domination – with everybody given the opportunity to win Secret World beta access, in-game items and even a trip to Montreal to hang out with the Funcom team.

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