Max Payne 3 rated while original arrives on iOS

With the game due for release in May, Australian gamers rejoice as Max Payne 3 is given an MA15+ rating – just like the other two games.

In case you were curious, Max Payne 3 – now restricted to gamers over the age of 15 – reportedly contains Strong violence, coarse language and sex scenes …with the inevitable warning that the experience “may change online”.

If you’re looking forward to the newest title in the franchise, we’ve got a couple of pieces of good news for you, too: First off, the new-look Bullet Time, as featured in the latest Max Payne 3 design and technology behind-the-scenes video.

(If you’d like to see previous features, check out our videos page!)

…and if you can’t possibly sit on your hands for the next few months, the original Max Payne has just been released – as promised on the App Store, for Apple-flavoured mobile gamers. (Android fans, you won’t have to wait long – your version’s due to launch on April 26th.)

The game – optimised for iOS devices – is available for just US$2.99 (or equivalent), and features HD graphics, high-res textures, user customisable controls and Social Club connectivity. Worth picking up if you’ve got an iPhone more recent than the 3GS, an iPod touch 4, or any generation of iPad.

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