Path of Exile raises $200k towards launch

So it seems the Path of Exile closed beta held over the weekend was a pretty successful little endeavour. The game’s New Zealand-based developer has managed to secure more than US$200,000 through a bit of self-organised crowdfunding work, meaning Grinding Gear Games can ramp up development on the upcoming action-RPG.

More than 46,000 people participated in the beta weekend (check out Matthew’s preview here), which resulted in an overwhelming wave of support. Grinding Gear Games co-founder Chris Wilson explains:

We literally had hundreds of people asking how they could support the game to get to Open Beta sooner.

We were blown away by the community enthusiasm at the stress test weekend, so we moved quickly to open our shop earlier than planned. We’ve been blown away again by the support over Easter.

The crowdfunding campaign – rather than being run through a third-party site – is presented as a series of Path of Exile packs, ranging in price from $10 all the way up to $1000. Each pack includes a bundle of in-game currency, with super bonuses thrown in like closed beta keys, in-game pets, game soundtracks, special forum titles, posters, DVDs, shirts, autographs and the ability to collaborate on a unique in-game item.

And before you think that nobody’s going to throw a thousand dollars at a game that’s not even finished yet: Thirteen people snapped up the “Diamond Supporter” package, giving them the opportunity to create their very own item for the game.

The crowdfunding success means that Path of Exile will launch in “June 2012” (hopefully), featuring three content Acts – and that’s just the first step. Wilson promises plenty more content as the years go by, but additional support now will speed up the process, as well as helping to introduce US and European servers sooner, rather than later.

Grinding Gear would also like to point out that – as the team is vehemently against the concept of “pay2win”, all microtransactions in the game are “ethical”, and will not present fans with any sort of gameplay advantages over other non-donating gamers.

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