Monopoly: World of Warcraft player pieces picked

World of Warcraft Monopoly is a real thing, first announced two months ago, when publisher Blizzard asked for your input. It seems the company couldn’t decide which player pieces to cast in the final game, so it opened up a poll, asking fans to choose from a number of options.

World of Warcraft-themed choices included Chen’s Keg, a Corehound Pup, a Crafting Anvil, Doomhammer, a Flight Path Boot, a Hearthstone, Mechagnome, a Spellbook, a Treasure Chest and the terribly-cute Murky the Murloc – and now, the people have spoken.

When the game launches in the unspecified future, six miniature markers will be included, as chosen by you, in a poll with more than 50,000 votes.

World of Warcraft Monopoly - Flight Path Boot World of Warcraft Monopoly - Mechagnome

Flight Path Boot: 3,083 votes | Mechagnome: 3,629 votes

World of Warcraft Monopoly - Hearthstone World of Warcraft Monopoly - Doomhammer

Hearthstone: 6,428 votes | Doomhammer: 7,256 votes

World of Warcraft Monopoly - Murky the Murloc World of Warcraft Monopoly - Corehound Pup

Murky the baby Murloc: 14,840 votes | Corehound Pup: 18,050

The game will sell for US$39.99 when it’s released, and it’ll follow traditional Monopoly rules, just with a “slightly” different aesthetic.

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