Star Wars: The Old Republic free-to-play for Easter

If the idea of spending time with real people over the Easter break is just too much for you – or if you just don’t go in for that sort of thing and are looking for ways to fill your four-day weekend, look no further than a galaxy far, far away.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is hosting a free-to-play weekend, spanning three of the four days. Festivities kick off at 10pm Pacific time on April 4 (that’s in just a few moments now), and run all the way until 12:01am PDT April 9th (that’s 3:01am EDT, 7:01am GMT, 5:01pm Sydney).

[img_big]center,5446,2012-01-12/kaon_under_siege_12.jpg,Star Wars: The Old Republic[/img_big]

Over those few days, you’ll be able to visit all eight Origin Worlds, check out the first fifteen levels of your chosen character, and dip a toe into the waters of PvP Warzones and Flashpoints.

If you’ve already taken advantage of the various free trials that BioWare has offered you, then you’ll have to count yourself out of this one. For everybody else though, you won’t need a credit card to sign up – and if you decide you want to stick around afterward, your trial characters will all still be happily tucked away on the server for you to play with.

For more information, head to the official Weekend Pass page – or just sign up, grab the client and jump in!

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