Confrontation looms for PC

Confrontation is typically something people tend to avoid, but you should pay this one a bit of attention – it’s a strategic RPG from Cyanide Studio, the company that’s brought you Blood Bowl and is currently working on the Game of Thrones RPG.

If you haven’t heard much about it before now, it’s your lucky day – we’ve got a shiny new launch trailer for you, showing off just what’s in store.

…now, if things are sounding a little familiar, Confrontation is actually adapted from the Rackham board game of the same name – translated into an RPG/RTS hybrid which sees you leading the Griffins to victory.

The Rag’narok – the end of times – draws ever-closer, and the three Paths are preparing for battle. You follow the Griffin’s Path of Light, but the Path of Destiny (Wolfen and Orcs) and Path of Darkness (Scorpion) stand in the way of victory. That is, unless the elite Griffin squad in the heart of the Syhar desert can complete their quest…

Confrontation is available – exclusively for PC – on April 26th. (By the way, if Griffins aren’t your thing, check out multiplayer, which gives you the option to lead any of the four in-game factions, wrapped up in a quicker, more reactive game.)

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