Botanicula set to blossom soon on PC/Mac/Linux

You have just two weeks to wait before one of the more creative, beautiful video games arrives on your virtual shelves. Botanicula, the latest project from the clever sorts at Amanita Design will be released on April 19th, for PC, Mac and Linux.

Not familiar with Botanicula? It’s one of three new games revealed 12 months ago from Amanita, and the second to be released (we’re still waiting on Samorost 3). The game sees five tree-dwelling mystical creatures in the battle to save the last seed of their home tree, which has become infected by evil parasites.

In addition to the always-stunning artwork Amanita blesses its games with, Botanicula also features music and sound effects from DVA, a Czech alternative band. Obviously that partnership is working well: Botanicula has already snapped up the Excellence in Audio prize at the 2012 Independent Games Festival awards.

No word on price just yet, but if you’re a fan of point-and-click games, with a little whimsy thrown in (coupled with beautiful artwork and stunning sound design), Botanicula should be the top of your Must Have list.

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