10 studios reportedly worked on Kinect Star Wars

Kinect Star Wars was – admittedly – not a highlight of last year’s Microsoft E3 press event. Now that it’s hit shelves, it seems that the game is, to put it politely, not a highlight of many people’s lives.

But if you were looking for a scapegoat, a handy development studio to point fingers at and blame for this motion-sensing release which has (if internet gossip is to be believed) defecated on one of the holiest of franchises, you’re outta luck. There is no single studio behind the game – instead, a massive ten developers (and 200 people) lent their skillz to Kinect Star Wars, if reports are correct.

[img_big]center,8046,2012-03-05/Dance_C3PO_Unlock01.jpg,Kinect Star Wars[/img_big]

The news came after internet sleuth Superannuation uncovered the online CV of game producer Adam Joseph, which lists “1 PC & 9 External Teams” as having worked on the project.

Rumoured studio involvement came from the teams behind Ghostbusters: The Video Game, Kinectimals and potentially Legendary: The Box, as well as contributions from Skywalker Sound, visual effects studio Rhythm & Hues, and – of course – LucasArts.

Before you get ahead of yourselves and count up studios on your fingers though, Harmonix spokesperson John Drake has already come out and denied any involvement. That story started when gamers started looking a little closely at similarities between the dancing mini-games in Kinect Star Wars and the developer’s Kinect-exclusive Dance Central. Looks like that’s one you can cross off your list.

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