Rock Band returns: Harmonix announces Blitz

The long-awaited, eagerly-anticipated new game from Harmonix is called Rock Band Blitz, leading gamers around the world to be a little disappointed when they discover it’s not actually a casual game collaboration with PopCap.

Instead, it’s a trip back to old-school rhythm arcade-style games – no more plastic peripherals, no fake guitars. Instead, your standard, every-day controller (or, potentially, keyboard) is all you need. Well, that and a decent sense of rhythm and coordination.

Rock Band Blitz

And the man in the back said 'Everyone attack!'

The game was revealed on X-Play earlier today, which gave gamers their first look at gameplay. If you’re familiar with Rock Band Unplugged, this one’s a walk in the park – and there’s even the option to switch instruments to max your score.

The most important part of any music-based game of course: The music. Rock Band Blitz has plenty – it’ll launch out of the gate with 25 tracks picked from all over the place.

…and while that might not sound like so many, the game can access the Rock Band Music Store for more DLC packs, bringing the total tunes available to more than 3,700. That means, if you’ve already downloaded a hefty library, it’s all now playable in your new game! On the other hand, if you’re not sure which tracks to grab, there’s a handy “recommendation” system thrown in, too. As an added bonus, bundled Blitz songs are happily playable in Rock Band 3.

Rock Band Blitz is headed to PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade mid-2012.

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