Make Leisure Suit Larry come again!

*ahem* The latest video game remake to jump onto the Kickstarter bandwagon is none other than Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards, with series creator Al Lowe stepping out of retirement to work on the project.

Replay Games is based in Texas, a studio full of self-confessed Larry lovers (technically, they’re former Sierra On-Line veterans, so you know they love adventures).

We love Larry … Larry Laffer. We were there when he was born, in 1987. We were there for his last adventure, LOVE FOR SAIL, almost exactly 10 years later.

The team has “long wished” for an updated version of the game – combining Al Lowe’s great characters and the traditional point-and-click Sierra adventure gameplay with a few recent bits and pieces, like:

  • The freedom to play on mobile devices
  • A modern point-and-click/touchscreen interface
  • Updated, ultra-high res graphics
  • Fully voiced characters
  • Even more of the humor that’s made Al Lowe a household name…like “Borders” and “Enron”!

…so they’re making it. From scratch.

The team has already made a couple of giant leaps towards getting the game off the ground: First, convincing Lowe to come out of his retirement to help out with the project (no mean feat!). Secondly, “Prying the Leisure Suit Larry license out of the hands of Big Software.

Now that Replay has started the heavy lifting, it’s time for you to step in. Kickstarter pledges of US$15 or more will snag you a copy of the game, with all sorts of other awesome prizes available the more you contribute (including – for $10k – “lunch, dinner or a morning-after breakfast” with Al Lowe; and for $50k, a lost weekend in Las Vegas with Al and writer Josh Mandel).

Want a piece of this action? Head to the project’s Kickstarter page and sign away your life’s savings. The developers are asking for US$500,000 total – with the suggestion that if this one’s successful, then other Leisure Suit Larry games will follow. What are you waiting for?

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