Antichamber gets a little help from Indie Fund

The award-winning Antichamber has just taken another huge step forward, becoming just the seventh project to secure support from Indie Fund.

The funding body has already helped out Dear Esther, Q.U.B.E., Monaco, The Swapper, Faraway and another unnamed project. Antichamber – more specifically, pink-suited developer Alexander Bruce – has acquired a handful of extra funds to help nudge the eagerly-anticipated game over the finish line.

For a game that hasn’t arrived on the (virtual) shelves yet, Antichamber is doing pretty well for itself – the Grand Prize at Make Something Unreal, initial selection for Sense of Wonder Night, and this year’s IGF Tecnhical Excellence award.

The Indie Fund has some nice words to say about Antichamber, too:

Truly mind bending and surprising puzzle design aside, what makes Antichamber feel very special to us is that its development chronicles Alex’s development as a game designer. We’ve played the game multiple times over the last few years, at various states of completion, and each time the design and feel of the game shifts, and feels more refined. Kudos to Alex for iterating on his work and incubating it until it’s really ready.

So what is all the fuss about? You can find out for yourself, if you happen to be at PAX East this weekend. Mr. Bruce himself will be there, with the latest build of Antichamber, hanging out at booth 770. He’ll be easy to spot – just keep an eye out for the pink suit…

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