Bungie reveals how long you spent playing Halo

The Halo series has clocked up more than eight real-world years of online multiplayer – and if you’ve ever been curious just how many gaming hours that is, Bungie‘s got the figures for you.

Since September 9th, 2004, gamers have played 123,611,766,794 minutes of Halo games online – that is, Halo 2, Halo 3, ODST and Reach.

Obviously, if you’ve ever played a game from the franchise, you’ve contributed to some massive numbers. The dev team has carefully done the math, added up each minute and statistic, and compiled it all into this handy infographic as part of Bungie‘s official farewell to Master Chief.

Halo Multiplayer Stats

(click to embiggen!)

So, there you have it: There is more Halo-related user-created content than archived items in the United States Library of congress, more than ten times as many private groups on BNet than there are incorporated cities in the United States, and – perhaps most frighteningly – there have been more Halo deaths than the estimated number of humans to have set foot on Earth.

Bungie has done something the company should be pretty proud of – but, Halo fans – they couldn’t have done it without you. Pats on the back all ’round, guys! …now, isn’t it time you got some sunlight?

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