Government agencies: Powered by Unreal

We all know that Epic Games powers just about everything these days – but soon, it will power (parts of) the U.S. government. The agreement – equal parts exciting and terrifying – sees the Unreal Engine licensed to a number of government departments, with added support offered through the implementation of the Unreal Government Network.

Virtual Heroes, a division of Applied Research Associates, is an Epic Games designated partner, licensing UE3 technology on just about every platform the engine works on, including (but not limited to!): iOS, Android, Flash, PC, Mac, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and Wii U. Plus there’s a little browser-based technology thrown in there as well, across secure corporate enterprise and government networks.

HumanSim - medical education, powered by Unreal

HumanSim - medical education, powered by Unreal

What does this all mean?
“Multiplayer crime scene training simulations” for the FBI Academy.
An anesthesiology training application for Army physicians.
The HumanSim platform, used for medical education.
Custom model integrations and visualisations for a “top five” defense contractor and a national laboratory.

Dr. Michael Capps, president of Epic Games explains:

We recognize the growing market needs of our government customers and are excited to have Virtual Heroes provide a full spectrum of focused services and support using our game engine technology.

Virtual Heroes has been working with the Unreal Engine for nearly a decade now, creating serious games, simulations and virtual worlds, setting a benchmark for “innovation, performance and value”. It’s unclear how many of these games will be shown off outside of the strict government situations they’ve been designed for, but – if you ever wanted a multiplayer simulated crime scene, you now know the right games engine to use.

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