Go go Jetpack Joyride gadgets!

Jetpack Joyride is about to get more stuff, with the April release of the game’s new gadget system. Bundled up into a new update for the game, you’ll soon be given the opportunity to unlock a whole bunch of cool new gadgets – as if a jetpack wasn’t cool enough!

Here’s a new video to show off what’s in store:

Designed to work in a similar way to the perks system from Call of Duty (and other games), the Jetpack Joyride gadgets are unlocked using in-game coins, providing our hero Barry with some constant passive benefits. Bouncy shoes! A vehicle at the start of the game! More gems! So much stuff! (Technically, there are 15 new gadgets, but you’ll only be able to use two at any one time.)

The 1.3 update for Jetpack Joyride is set to arrive on April 12th, which gives you a little time to get ready for things, and to start plotting the strategies you’ll use with that shiny new gravity belt.

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