Schoolgirl uses DSi camera to catch a paedophile

Nintendo‘s choice to incorporate a camera in its DSi handheld has lead to the arrest and conviction of a British paedophile, after a quick-thinking schoolgirl snapped “indisputable proof” of his guilt.

Complete with built-in camera

Complete with built-in camera

John Fisher, 46, allegedly first assaulted his unnamed victim when she was just nine years old. The terrified child told her mother about the attack, but the court has heard that “nothing was done”.

When he returned more than a year later, the girl was ready – grabbing her DSi and using the built-in camera to photograph the second assault.

In court, Fisher reportedly denied assaulting the girl, but when confronted with the image on the handheld console, he had “no choice but to concede he had done exactly as she had reported,” explains Suffolk Police officer Det Con Annabelle Bunn.

Det Con Bunn has praised the girl after the hearing:

Her quick thinking in using her games console to take a photograph of him touching her provided indisputable proof of what had happened. She was brave enough to come forward and report the incident and give us a full and accurate account of what had gone on.

Despite denying he had ever committed any similar offences prior, Fisher admitted to two offences of sexual assault in January 2010 and November 2011, for which he was jailed for three and a half years. He was ordered to sign the sex offenders registry, after acknowledging that he was attracted to girls in their early teens. He has also received a sexual offences prevention order, meaning for the next ten years his contact with children under the age of 16 is severely restricted.

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